Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Chicago Public Library

Harold Washington Library:
The Chicago Public library was the absolutely incredible! My first thought upon entering was, where are the books? It looked more like an office building or museum than a library. This idea was also proved wrong when we were shown the rest of the facility. The library was, as Greta said, awe inspiring. I have never seen such a fantastic collection of knowledge. The fact that each subject needed its own floor was also quite interesting. What I found most fascinating was how much that the library had that wasn’t books. The art and historical collections, as well as all the multi-media facilities really surprised me. I also thought of libraries being a place for books, this was more like a museum and a library combined. As impressed as I was with this library it really intimidated me, and I don’t know if I would be brave enough to use it, unless I knew specifically what I was looking for. It was so big and there was so much to look at, it was too “business” like for me and not comfy cozy as one would expect a library to be.


David B. said...


Jessica said...

I definitely agree. When we first walked in it definitely had the appearance of some sort of office building. Once we reached the 1st floor though it was clear what huge selection they had. The artwork was pretty amazing along with their extensive collection of books. I've never seen a library so huge!

Maria said...

I agree that it would not be my first choice to visit if I wanted to browse for books. However, I did not have a problem with the "uncozy" fact, I enjoyed the modern architecture within the library. Unfortunately, having every section on a different floor is inconvenient unless you know exactly what you are looking for.